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Get back into your body: Woodland Embodiment Practice

🧘‍♀️ Complement your healing sound ceremony with a deep somatic release.

A guided, 45 minute free flowing practice with curated playlist, plugging you back into your body’s innate rhythm for grounding and vitality.


Wheel of the Year Subscription

Stay connected with yourself and with Mother Nature all year round by creating sacred space every turn of the Wheel of the Year.

One sound journey for every Wheel of the Year celebration, paid quarterly - 33% cheaper than buying individually.

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 8 hours of restorative sound bath recordings - each uniquely channelled pulling in the magic of the season and the wisdom of the Wheel of the Year celebrations. Soft crystal bowl harmonies, ethereal melodies, shamanic drumming and angelic light language.

🧘🏽 Guided meditations for self connection, reflection and revelation weaved into the sound baths.

📘  8 Ritual Companion eBooks beautifully curated and filled with pages of ways to connect to these ancestral devotions.

🗓️ Unlimited replays revisit as many times as you like!

📨 Email reminders to make time to honour each seasonal celebration (don’t worry, you can opt out!).

📱Mobile app listen anywhere, even the bath!

🎧 Good quality headphones or speakers are essential for a fully immersive sound experience.

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If you’re not 100% happy with this offering (which I hope you will be!) write to me for a full refund within the first 30 days from purchase.


Feel balanced and grounded by bringing ritual and ceremony into your daily life.

What People Are Saying:

Captivating and just the frequency I was searching for. It caught me, lifted me, rolled me and spun me into all the threads I was needing to experience for this time. The tapestry of life is a challenge but when beauty and sound medicine like this comes through it makes it all the more blissful! Thank you for aligning to your true self and sharing you gift. A voice of the gold frequency. Oh so lovely!

Tara (Autumn Equinox Sound Journey)

The sound healing was beautiful and profound. Listening to this and the deeply relaxed space I go into is supporting and facilitating the deep healing journey I am on. I experienced lightness , connection and joy afterwards. The Ritual Companion helped me to go into this sacred space with more intention and a deeper honouring of the spirit within your work. I feel so blessed to have experienced this. Thank you!

Katrina (Imbolc Sound Journey)

I felt like I was sinking deep inside myself, like my entire self was pulled up into my chest and head. I felt like I was spinning and floating at times, but that I was being held. Safe. I felt like I was holding myself, but that I was also being held by something that accepted me for all that I was. Thoughts seemed to come and go at first, but as I sank deeper into the sounds, everything that had made me stress and fret and rush about in day to day life, just seemed to feel so far away. Again I felt held. Sinking into myself. Stillness. Warmth. Safe. My heart resounding.

Sharne Blunden @midnightmasquerade11 (Samhain Sound Journey)