$22.00 USD

Is your nervous system craving some tender loving care?

If you're feeling dysregulated and yearning to soften your nervous system, this immersive Sound Healing of Softness is the perfect addition to your journey.



🎶 40-minute immersive sound journey

✨ Ethereal voice work, light language, and shamanic percussion

🔮 Alchemic Crystal Bowls and gong

🫶🏻 Connect to your natural state of softness

🗓️ Lifetime access to revisit anytime

                   Yours for $27.50

Relationship Check-Ins Replay

A Workshop on Conscious Communication

Recorded on July 3rd 2024.

This 90-minute workshop is your invitation to create the authentic, soul-nourishing relationships you've always yearned for. Whether you come solo or hand-in-hand with your beloved, you'll gain the tools to communicate with love, navigate challenges with grace, and unlock the full potential of your connections.

You will need:

  • ❤️ An open heart
  • 🤲🏻 A willingness to be vulnerable
  • 🫂 Your partner (optional but highly recommended)
  • 💫 A sacred space for your journey


📒 You will also receive a beautiful PDF guide to help you deepen your practice of Conscious Check-Ins. Includes practical tips, reflection prompts, and a step-by-step guide to integrating these tools into your daily life.

Yours to keep and revisit anytime.

What People Shared:

Jayna, a wise friend and older sister, guides with love, understanding, and non-judgment. Her warm, friendly, and accepting nature makes her space a haven of truth and nature.

Jayna's sacred container provided strength to process anger and frustrations healthily, significantly uplifting my personal relationships.

Seeking sisterly support, I found in Jayna a guide for my relationship struggles, work aspirations, and spiritual growth. Her nurturing presence was key to my healing.