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Reflect, rest, dream and go deep this month with Samhain, while the veil between realms is thin.


✨  60min high quality recording: with crystal bowls, light language and shamanic drumming

🧘🏽 20min guided meditation

📘  FREE eBook: about Samhain and creating your home ritual.

🗓️ 2 months access: tune in as many times as you like until Winter Solstice

Embrace Your Inner Witch: Cacao + Trance Ceremony

Step into the liminal and mystical time of Samhain with an online KIND gathering.

This is a live recording of the Sunday 30th, 2022. Over 50 women joined, now you can too.

Join me in circle as we:

  • Drop into sacred space
  • Enter a trance state through gentle repetitive guided movement
  • Share, listen, and reflect
  • Take in the wisdom and warmth of Ceremonial Cacao
  • Lean into our Inner Witch
  • Go beyond the veil

You will need:

  • A candle
  • Notebook
  • Comfy space to sit and move
  • Loose clothing
  • Samhain Altar (optional)
  • Ceremonial Cacao; or other sacred drink of choice
  • Your heart

✨  Online group workshop: with guided meditation, visualisation and reflective exercises.

🤎 Discount on KIND Cacao for your home ceremony

📘  FREE eBook: about Samhain, and creating rituals to celebrate this season.

📼 Replay of the ceremony will be sent out after the live event, in case you’re unable to make it or would like to drop in again.


My Promise to You

If you’re not 100% happy after this online event (which I hope you will be!) write to me for a full refund within the first 30 days after the event.

What People Shared:

Thank you dear for this beautiful experience today. I’m at the very beginning of this embodiment journey (even though I’ve been reading self-help books for a decade couldn’t get from a to b). It was so empowering to gain some experience in such a safe place. The feeling that the trance ritual left behind in my body is so freeing. I’ve never felt so comfortable in the darkness before. I’ll do this practice over and over again for my healing. Thank you, sending lots of love ❤️

Hi! I don’t usually message ppl I start following but I came across your Samhain reel through a friend’s repost and I wanted to say that I really appreciate the energy you hold and its embodiment. I’m more at ease w the dark goddess/warrior side of the feminine for now. Thank you for being an example of the gentle and deeply connected energy (and I’m sure that you can go full on dark goddess too 🔥). It’s just lovely to witness and feel into it for my own exploration 🙏🏼🤍


Loved the experience, feel so much more at peace and connected to myself. I feel like I am not allowing myself to explore the femininity more, don’t need to be apologetic or ‘perfect’- I feel like this ceremony helped me to embrace ALL OF ME. (The good and bad, sacred and flawed, quiet and wild). Thank you!

i truly have never felt so deeply held & seen in my life 🥰 you have such a gift & im so so glad i found you. it was the perfect way to initiate my relationship with my inner witch! after the call finished i went into the forest and hugged trees naked 🤣 you awakened so much within me and it’s all still very much unraveling. i can’t thank you enough ❤️