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💕 As Lammas draws near, seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in a transformative Sound Bath home ritual, embracing the profound energy it brings.

✨ Realign your energy + work towards your dreams and vision, tapping into gratitude, self love and clarity.

🤲🏻 Includes FREE Ritual Companion eBook for creating your home ceremony.


Workshop: Believing is the Ability to Create

Manifest Your Dreams with Gala Botero & KIND Matters


31st July 8-9.30 pm BST | Online Workshop


Right from childhood, we have many dreams about what we want to achieve… Somewhere along the way, we forget about them


We’ll start by remembering and reconnecting with those childhood dreams that have shifted into adult visions

Allowing ourselves to recognise the power of out desires and start to cultivate that inner courage and joy to take aligned action


🌀 Here we meet the anxiety, fear, and negative patterns that block out path and hold us back…

Those limited beliefs imprinted that by our society and family belief systems.

By identifying these blockers we can start to learn how to move through them with kindness and expand into the full potential of our lives


Join us to:

🤲🏻 Bring to the surface and release all the limiting beliefs that hold you back

Redefine your own image of self, based on the light you know you have within (and not the small self we’re so often conditioned into embodying!) 💫

🌹 Move forwards into the magnetic space of manifestation, where you vibrate as the same frequency as your biggest dreams, to start attracting the life you truly desire.

Work with the powerful force that is gratitude – start remembering the future you dream of, based on the manifestations and desires that are already a part of your everyday life.


We can’t wait to work with you on this!  💫