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  • This course has been created from Jayna's personal experience and research as part of KIND Matters (holding company Harmony Guardians) referred to as KIND Matters below. Copyright fully owned by Harmony Guardians.
  • Whilst upmost care has been taken whilst developing the course, you are taking full responsibility for your own recovery, actions and lifestyle choices
  • This course is not a replacement for seeking 1-1 medical, psychological or dietary guidance
  • This course may highlight areas you want to explore deeper or that trigger you: in which case seeking support from trained professionals, a therapist or 12 step group of support is advised
  • Testimonial Disclosure: Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. Testimonials used across the site are unsolicited and are not representative of all clients. We disclose when results, feedback and/or testimonials are exchanged for a discounted purchase. You are accepting that your results may vary from those claimed on the site due to many other factors, and therefore KIND Matters can take no responsibility. 
  • KIND Matters are not responsible for any injury or actions you take during or following the course
  • KIND Matters can not guarantee your hormonal recovery
  • You may not share any content provided in the course or access to your account. You will forfeit your purchases if found to be doing so by the hosting platform. Please enquire about affiliate discounts if you do wish to share legally
  • Access to the community is not guaranteed with purchase of this course, and can be withdrawn at any point
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I Honour My Flow

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Start to enjoy your period with this monthly tool kit of self-loving practices

What you'll get:

  • Physical practices of yoga, embodied movement and dance to support you through PMS and your bleed 
  • Meditations, rituals and sound healings to harness the transformational power of your period 
  • A loving space and community you can return to, month after month

Learn more about the course and how to best use it.