Full Cycle Support

Transform your daily life using the power of your cycle in 4 KIND weeks

Over the course of one month, Full Cycle Support will lead you through all four phases of your menstrual cycle, guiding and empowering you in an arc of feminine wisdom as you learn, embody and integrate your new knowledge and practices–gradually reconnecting with your womanhood and your intuition.


If you’re left unsatisfied with your experience on this course, my promise to you is a full refund within the first 30 days from your purchase.

Part 1, 3-weeks
Hormonal Harmony
Phases: Follicular, Ovulation, Luteal

three-week course of tutorials and weekly practices to lead you in making the small, yet profound changes necessary in reclaiming and maintaining hormonal health.

Cycle Phases


Part 2, week 4
I Honour My Flow
Phase: Menstruation

A monthly tool-kit of self-loving practices that can support you through your period no matter your symptoms.

Cycle Phases

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Join this course to

Understand the intricate beauty of your monthly cycle and how you can work with, rather than against it

Gain newfound respect for your AMAZING body

Have ongoing access to a holistic library  ways to honour your period and hormonal healing

I am giving 10% of profits directly to GiveWell - a non-profit that uses solid research to ensure the most impactful charities are supported to save the most lives. Learn more here.

What you will learn 

Receive in-depth knowledge about the different seasons of your cycle, as well as the creative lifestyle choices you can make to enhance their potential.

Learn how to work with your emotions, creative energy and spiritual practice to support full feminine vitality.

Recognise how your hormones are disrupted in the first place and understand how self-loving choices harness the power to counteract harm.

Learn how food has the power to either support or distort our feminine balance, and then reap the benefits of tried-and-tested methods aimed at healing yourself through nutrition.

Your monthly tool kit includes physical practices, meditations and ceremonies and self-loving rituals to give back to your beautiful self when you need to the most.

I created these courses to fall in love with your period and trust your body without having to spend years figuring it out. Now you can too.


Course Content

Week 1

Hormonal Harmony (1 - 2hrs)

- Course Introduction
- How Your Cycles work
- Deep dive into the physical, emotional and spiritual seasons of your cycle


Journal Prompts
Weekly ebook handout
Forest Meditation


Week 2

Hormonal Harmony (1½ hrs)

- The endocrine system
- Amenorrhea - loss of period
- Deep dive into what disrupts our hormones and cycle
- What to avoid & what to embrace
- Natural solutions

Journal Prompts
Weekly ebook handout
Womb Meditation

Week 3

Hormonal Harmony (1½-2½ hrs)

- Understanding blood sugar
- Healing and harmful nutrition
- Overview of different supportive food protocols
- Supplements
- Inspiration and hope

Journal Prompts
Weekly ebook handout
Softening Sound Healing

Week 4

I Honour My Flow

Access to seven physical practices varying between restorative and flowing yoga, embodied movement and free dance, with custom playlist, filmed in the most stunning surrounding of Portugal's nature

Two guided Meditations for cultivating calm, positive, feminine energy

Ritual with KIND’s Forest Cacao Ceremony & Introduction on how to work with Cacao during your cycle

Journaling prompts to uncover the subconscious messages of your period

Solo Moon Dance practice to honour your inner free spirit

Cultivate self-worth with a Abhyanga self-massage, a sensory love letter to your body image

Access to a course that you can use as a one-off period retreat or as a supportive pool of resources to connect to every month


  • Tantric Reproductive Space Meditation
  • Guided Womb Massage
  • Sound Healing Journey
  • Guided Womb & Ovary Visualisation
  • Heart Space Cacao Ceremony
  • Moon Dance
  • Self Massage

The Full Cycle Support Course participant

  • I normally don't really write reviews but I felt this course deserves one. Jayna's program surpassed my expectations on how much an online course can change my relationship with my body and my period...

  • ...For me my period was mostly an annoying thing to get over with. Especially in the last years, the cramps and especially the mood swings got worse and worse. I caught myself being quite unbearable for everyone around me...

  • ...As I learned in this course my personal life, stress, the way I was treating myself and the nutrition I gave my body just added to the problem...

  • ...When I saw the advertisement for the course I was intrigued and honestly am now so happy that I acted on an impulse to change my relationship with this topic. The course itself is so beautiful and healing...

  • ...The videos are beautifully filmed - both the informational bit and the exercises complement each other well. I especially enjoyed the yoga flows. Jayna is such a compassionate and talented teacher, that guides you through the movements in a gentle but powerful way...

  • ...I never felt so in harmony with my body during the "flowdays" and cherish it as a new experience I want to integrate now every month. It gave me a new perspective on myself and the way I treat my body and mind. I am now so much kinder towards myself and others...

  • ...I would say to anyone considering to test this out to give it a shot. It was worth every pence!

    7/7 - Tatiana, 27, London
  • Jayna's delivery approach is beautiful and clear, gentle yet powerful. The visuals and the quality of sound (especially the final sound healing) are a feast of the eyes, ears and soul!

    Anonymous, 28, London

Are you ready to look forward to your period and enjoy your whole cycle?

With love and kindness, this feminine wisdom is here for you. Reclaim how your body works and how you can support full vitality.

I'm Ready

About Jayna

The aspect I love most about my work is witnessing people unfold when they let go and allow their light to shine from the inside out.

Over the past 13 years I’ve held transformation practices for men & women through retreats, yoga, ceremony, one-to-one coaching and sound healings.

I am a deep believer that individual healing creates the collective consciousness necessary to elevate humanity and live in harmony with our planet.

I moved to Portugal from London, in 2019 with my partner, George, and I'm a mother to a beautiful baby girl, Rise, who is the tiny bump in these offerings!

I look forward to getting to know you. 


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