Over the past 13 years I’ve held transformation practices for men & women through retreats, yoga, ceremony, one-to-one coaching and sound healings.


I am a deep believer that individual healing creates the collective consciousness necessary to elevate humanity and live in harmony with our planet.


I moved to Portugal from London, in 2019 with my partner, George, and I have recently become a mother to a beautiful baby girl, Rise, who is the tiny bump you can see in my courses!

My Journey

In my teens I danced for love and modelled for money. In my early twenties I crashed. My insides felt as if my outsides were separated from each other. I numbed myself through addictive patterns of behaviour and substance abuse to relieve the pain of deep-rooted transgenerational trauma. Rehab and 12 step recovery reconnected me to hope and I began the quest for whole authentic living.

This led me to somatic and explorative dance practices. I exchanged my competitive ballet and contemporary dancing for contact Improvisation, 5 rhythms and meditation. I learned to love my body and yoga finally clicked for me as a practice of devotion and self love.

Throughout my journey of recovery I found kindness to be the most profound and transformational tool. After returning from India in 2011, I started teaching in my home studio in east London which drew students from across the city. I saw the ripples of kindness reaching far and wide and this was how the KIND community was born!

Through teaching yoga, my offerings branched to include meditation, cacao ceremonies, sound healing, sharing circles, ecstatic dancing and 1-2-1 coaching. KIND spiralled, allowing me to work with thousands of people in a series of sell-out events and retreats both in the UK and abroad. It was beautiful.

However, there was one underlying area of my life that still called for radical self-healing….

For 7 years my periods were a source of increasing pain, disorientation and fear. My life would grind to a halt for 7-10 days of every month and it was then that I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. All the medical profession could offer was the contraceptive pill and warnings around compromised fertility.

I felt hopeless but I knew there must be a better way.

Yet, a personal challenge remained – my struggle with painful periods and a polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnosis. Traditional medicine offered little solace. Determined, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, aligning lifestyle, physical, and spiritual practices.

Through these understandings, I created two KIND Courses. They share my simple monthly practice with sisterly wisdom so you can enjoy your period and make peace with your hormones too.

I Honour My Flow - a course to honour yourself and your period monthly 

Hormonal Harmony - a 3-week guide to caring for your menstrual cycle

Realising the power of personal transformation, I expanded my focus to 1-2-1 mentorship, where I guide others through their unique paths of self-healing and empowerment. This personalised approach combines my life’s learnings, offering a deep, holistic transformation to all aspects of life.

Embrace a journey with me.

Together, we'll navigate your path to authenticity, empowerment, and healing.

Let's redefine our relationship with our bodies and discover the powerful, passionate selves waiting within.


We will become more than our stories.

We will embrace our full potential.

And together, we will rise.


With love, Jayna

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