Hormonal Harmony

Align your body and hormones for a more harmonious life

It starts from within… Our hormones affect everything from the external to the internal: our relationships, physical body, emotions, and how we perceive the world. In order to change our lives and things around us, we need to fully comprehend what is going on inside and take positive & consistent actions to live in harmony.

Learn how to enjoy your period and support your hormones, in this step by step 3 week course.

  • This course was packed full of information. It has given me new perspective the way I view my cycle, my body and the way I want to move through life as a woman.

    Anonymous, 27, UK
  • Hormonal Harmony was a real eye-opener to me, with Jayna's guidance and encouragement I have cut out so many toxins and I already feel so much more energetic. I cant wait to see the results of a more long term shift. More importantly, I feel more connected to my body and femininity, it's changing everything!

    Lia, 28, Germany
  • I would highly recommend this course, especially to anyone who really struggles to find the headspace and time to look after themselves in a busy job/home life. It made me realise how fast paced my life is and gave me some brilliant tools to nurture my bodies needs. I now look forward to my next cycle to follow this course again and again.

    Anonymous, 38, Devon
  • I have been terrible at making time for myself recently and my periods usually bring an amount of discomfort every month. This course showed me how to focus on myself during my cycle rather than struggle through it. It was so incredibly helpful to reconnect to my body with movement and massage. I cannot wait to do this course again and focus more time on myself.

    Anonymous, 23, UK
  • Since taking this course I'm feeling much more connected to my womb space and femininity

    Anonymous, 30, London
  • This course was packed full of information. It has given me new perspective the way I view my cycle, my body and the way I want to move through life as a woman.

    Anonymous, 27, UK

You will learn

In-depth knowledge on the different seasons of your cycle with creative lifestyle choices on how to enhance their potential

See how to work with your emotions, creative energy and spiritual practice to support full feminine vitality

Understand what disrupts your hormones in the first place and how to counteract harm done with self-loving choices

A look at how food supports or distorts our feminine balance plus multiple tried and tested protocols for how to heal yourself through nutrition

Course Contents

Week 1

Estimated time: 1 - 2hrs
Start of your follicular phase (after your period ends) or on a full/new moon.

- Course Introduction
- How Your Cycles work
- Deep dive into the physical, emotional and spiritual seasons of your cycle

Journal Prompts
Weekly ebook handout
Forest Meditation 

Week 2

Estimated time: 1½ hrs

- The endocrine system
- Amenorrhea - loss of period
- Deep dive into what disrupts our hormones and cycle
- What to avoid & what to embrace
- Natural solutions

Journal Prompts
Weekly ebook handout
Womb Meditation

Week 3

Estimated time: 1½-2½ hrs

- Understanding blood sugar
- Healing and harmful nutrition
- Overview of different supportive food protocols
- Supplements
- Inspiration and hope

Journal Prompts
Weekly ebook handout
Softening Sound Healing

I created these courses to fall in love with your period and trust your body without having to spend years figuring it out. Now you can too.

Complementary KIND practices to integrate and soften into this new path

Tantric Reproductive Space Meditation

Guided Womb Massage

Sound Healing Journey

Join this course to

Understand the intricate beauty of your monthly cycle and how you can work with, rather than against it

Gain newfound respect for your AMAZING body

Have ongoing access to a holistic library  ways to honour your period and hormonal healing

I am giving 10% of profits directly to GiveWell - a non-profit that uses solid research to ensure the most impactful charities are supported to save the most lives. Learn more here.

Are you ready to look forward to your period?

With love and kindness, this feminine wisdom is here for you. Become body literate and start your path of healing today.

I am ready to transform my hormonal relationship

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About Jayna

The aspect I love most about my work is witnessing people unfold when they let go and allow their light to shine from the inside out.

Over the past 13 years I’ve held transformation practices for men & women through retreats, yoga, ceremony, one-to-one coaching and sound healings.

I am a deep believer that individual healing creates the collective consciousness necessary to elevate humanity and live in harmony with our planet.

I moved to Portugal from London, in 2019 with my partner, George, and I'm a mother to a beautiful baby girl, Rise, who is the tiny bump in these offerings!

I look forward to getting to know you. 


Join me and other KIND women healing themselves

It’s an honour to share this with you and I would love to have you in our KIND community, where we support and grow together.

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