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Welcome Kind Soul


So happy you have found your way here. It takes bravery to say yes to change and I'm here to help you in those vital first steps.

Full Cycle Support - Learn to love your cycle and embrace your womanhood in four KIND weeks. Begin to reclaim hormonal balance and nurture yourself and your body over your period with our toolkit of self-loving practices.Learn More >


Hormonal Harmony - Begin to reclaim hormonal balance in three KIND weeks by understanding the intricate beauty of your cycle.Learn More >


I Honour My Flow - Nurture yourself and your body over your period with our toolkit of self-loving practices.Learn More >

  • The I Honour My Flow Course participant

    My period has come back for the first time in months. Thank you Jayna!

    Anonymous, 23, Netherlands
  • The I Honour My Flow Course participant

    I would highly recommend this course, especially to anyone who really struggles to find the headspace and time to look after themselves in a busy job/home life.

    Anonymous, 36, UK
  • The Hormonal Harmony Course participant

    I love how holistic this course is, with practical ways on how to integrate my learnings into everyday life. The short bite-size videos mean I can absorb the information at my own pace without getting overwhelmed.

    Eva, 31, London
  • The Hormonal Harmony Course participant

    This course was packed full of information. It has given me a new perspective on the way I view my cycle, my body and the way I want to move through life as a woman.

    Anonymous, 27, UK
  • Hormonal Harmony Course participant

    I would recommend this course to any woman, who wants to learn to navigate their cycle and life with much more ease, flow and kindness!

    Eva, 31, London
  • Full Cycle Support Course Participator

    I normally don't really write reviews but I felt this course deserves one. Jayna's program surpassed my expectations on how much an online course can change my relationship with my body and my period.

    Tatiana, 27, London
  • Full Cycle Support Course participant

    Since taking Full Cycle Support and implementing it, I feel better emotionally and have fewer mood swings. The cramps seem to be a lot easier to handle too!

    Anonymous, 26, Paris

Womxn’s Retreat 2019

You will feel blessed if you get the chance to experience Jayna’s work; your life will be forever changed if the universe conspires to put you in her path at a time when you’re ready for real surrender on your journey.

About Jayna

The aspect I love most about my work is witnessing people unfold when they let go and allow their light to shine from the inside out.

Over the past 9 years I’ve held transformation practices for men & women through retreats, yoga, ceremony, one-to-one coaching and sound healings.

I am a deep believer that individual healing creates the collective consciousness necessary to elevate humanity and live in harmony with our planet.

I moved to Portugal from London, in 2019 with my partner, George, and I have recently become a mother to a beautiful baby girl, Rise, who is the tiny bump in these offerings!

I look forward to getting to know you. 

Jayna x

On The Blog

My Journey To Hormonal Balance

I found out I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) around 6 years ago through an ultrasound scan that my doctor recommended. I was diagnosed through 9-week cycles, missed periods, extremely heavy⁠, painful bleeds and life-disrupting hormonal imbalances.


First Trimester

Dark Night of the Soul

It’s hard to know where to start with what to share, from speaking to other pregnant friends or women with children I can clearly see how different all pregnancies are. I also know I'm not on my own in experiencing losing myself within the early stages. This right of passage from maiden to mother is real. 


Your Job As A Lightworker

As we move deeper into this, I am aware of the kaleidoscope of human experiences and emotions we are all going through. 

It’s times like these I can easily tap into the pain and struggle this is causing others. 

And here, I am presented a choice.



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