Cycle Love Letters

Your feminine cycle: Let go of the curse and start seeing it as a sacred blessing!

I’ve been on a healing journey with my cycle over the last few years, from a hectic city life in London and dealing with PCOS, to a life immersed in nature here in Portugal, living closer with my body’s rhythms and starting a family.

Educating myself around menstruation has been instrumental to my healing, and I’m passionate about sharing these learnings with the wonderful KIND clan.

I would like to help you deepen your relationship with your body, cycle and moon-time this month.

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Need a Refresher on your phases?

  • WINTER: Menstruation

    AKA your bleed! Typically lasts 3 -7 days. You can start bleeding anytime between day 21 and day 30 of your cycle. Your body then moves into the follicular phase after menstruation, and a new cycle begins.

  • SPRING: Follicular Phase

    From when your period finishes to when you ovulate. Typically this phase lasts 7-10 days. A follicular phase longer than 21 days could suggest a hormonal imbalance; contact your doctor if this is happening for you.

  • SUMMER: Ovulation Phase

    Lasts 3-4 days, but typically you will feel this phase for about 7 days. A sign that you're ovulating: you have increased levels of discharge, of an egg white consistency.

  • Autumn: Luteal Phase

    This phase lasts 10-14 days, but can stretch out in longer cycles. A sign that you're in the luteal phase of your cycle: discharge has decreased and become more sticky.


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