Ritual & Ceremony Guide

The KIND Guide to going deeper with your home practice, and allowing yourself sacred space to reconnect.


I’m so glad this work has found its way to you! The KIND Ritual & Ceremony Guide is...

  • Your invitation to let go of the voice of judgement that blocks you from creating sacred space.
  • Your opportunity to be in union with Nature, with yourself, and with the Divine.
  • Your catalyst for a life more connected, with the presence and stillness found through ritual.


This ebook is my free gift to you, sharing some of my favourite home ritual ideas, for you to begin carving out sacred space in your life.

The pdf was beautiful and insightful to tune into and really align with the energy of that auspicious moment of full moon and beginning of spring.

Alice, Italy

 Guide includes:

  • Living in Harmony with Nature: a little note about giving yourself permission for this work
  • The Wheel of the Year: an intro to the festivals around the Wheel and why we honour them
  • The Sacred Nature of Your Feminine Cycle: how our bodies as women are attuned to the rhythms of Nature
  • Creating Space for Ceremony: how to clear your space physically, energetically and mentally.
  • Your At-Home Rituals: setting the tone, a Cacao recipe, essential oils for the Wheel of the Year and much more. 

...And an invite to join me for my next Wheel of the Year celebration!

Yes please!

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About Jayna

Once I began to anchor to Nature’s rhythms, I dropped into intimacy and connection with myself, which brought more profound intimacy to my relationships with loved ones, and with the world around me. ⁠

What I love most about my work is witnessing people let go and allow their light to shine, from the inside out.

Over the past 9 years I’ve led transformational practices for women & men through retreats, yoga, ceremony, sound healing and 1-to-1 coaching.

I am a deep believer that through our own individual healing we can create the collective consciousness we need to elevate humanity, and live in harmony with our planet.

My own healing journey over the last few years guided me away from a hectic city life in London to a life immersed in nature in Portugal, living closer with my body’s rhythms and starting a family.

I hope this work is the start of something beautiful and powerful for you, as it has been for me!

Jayna x

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