End of the Year Cacao & Trance Ceremony

Receive Your Vision & Purpose:

The Feminine Way


Replay available until mid-January

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Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions for 2023, amplifying pressure and low self worth, and even obstructing your path to achieving your dreams… 

Connect with the empowered woman in you, who knows that forcing and trying to manifest from that patriarchy-conditioned, yang place is OVER!


This workshop is open to all genders - offering a more feminine approach to the conditioning of our society.

Join me in this KIND container:

  • Drop into sacred space
  • Access a trance state to feel into your truth
  • Receive guidance from your intuition on your direction for the year ahead
  • Work with the heart-opening properties of cacao
  • Tap into the way of the Feminine, of sacred rest and receiving, echoing Nature’s way
  • Connect with your heart’s truth and vision

Cacao Bundles

(UK only)


Replay of the ceremony will be sent out after the live event and available until mid-January, in case you’re unable to make it or would like to drop in again.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your experience for whatever reason, 100% refund is available within 30 days.


I am humbled and speechless and so full of love for this offering of magical connection. It was beautiful.

This was my first experience with a trance. I loved how natural and intuitive it felt.

I have noticed some shifts within. There was an image that came through during the trance and since I feel parts of me have become her, or embodied this archetype I seen.

Being in circle with you Jayna is always deeply potent for me. I cried many tears and met my dear sister in the forest with a message that was beautiful but I was able to howl out my hearts desire ❤️

I heard my name in the light language codes called a few times I thought it was my imagination at first but it was clear.

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I felt different sensations, and saw several images. Jayna's channelling of light language felt like a healing blanket. What she created is simply magic. The frequency of this entire sound healing was PURE and AUTHENTIC and just what I needed.

This workshop was such a beautiful and powerful offering. I found it very healing and I came away feeling deeply connected to my feminine energy.

Even though it was online it still felt very intimate and personal.

About Jayna

The aspect I love most about my work is witnessing people unfold when they let go and allow their light to shine from the inside out.

Over the past 9 years I’ve held transformation practices for men & women through retreats, yoga, ceremony, one-to-one coaching and sound healings.

I am a deep believer that individual healing creates the collective consciousness necessary to elevate humanity and live in harmony with our planet.

I moved to Portugal from London, in 2019 with my partner, George, and I have recently become a mother to a beautiful baby girl, Rise, who is the tiny bump you can see in my courses!

I look forward to getting to know you. 


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