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What is included

I Honour My Flow

One off €99

Monthly Support

1 Week Course

  • Luteal Phase Guidance
  • Menstrual Phase Guidance
  • 8 Physical Practices
  • 4 Reflective Practices
  • Downloads & Resources
  • Private Support Group
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Hormonal Harmony Course

Full Cycle Support

One off €315

or €60 pm over 6 months
Most Popular

  • Includes Both Courses (4 Weeks)
  • Comprehensive Cycle Support
  • Luteal Phase Guidance
  • Menstrual Phase Guidance
  • 9 Physical Practices
  • 9 Reflective Practices
  • 1 Sound Healing
  • Downloads & Resources
  • Lifetime Course Access after 6 months

Hormonal Harmony

One off €270

Habit Changing Deep Dive

3 Week Course

  • Comprehensive Cycle Support
  • Over 6 hours of Educational Sessions
  • Weekly handouts
  • 5 Reflective Practices
  • 1 Sound Healing & Physical Practice
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • I Honour My Flow Course

It’s my deep wish that everyone who does KIND courses feels fully satisfied and content! So if that’s not the case, know that you can get your money back within the first 30 days from purchase.

7 Days of Support is a new offering giving you access to I Honour My Flow for 1 bleed. Buy now.

Full Cycle Support has a 3 month and 6 month payment plan.

Period & Hormonal Cycle Support Courses

Learn how to balance your hormones naturally and to connect monthly to your flow with love.

Yes, your periods can be regular and pain-free. Money back within 30 days if you're not happy.

Transform your daily life using the power of your cycle

4-week course

Cycle Phases

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Reignite your relationship with your hormones

3-week course

Cycle Phases

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Find deep connection and peace with your bleed

1-week course

Cycle Phases

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Heal Your Bond With Your Period | FREE 4 Week Journey

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