Ritual, Ceremony and Sound

There is an ever growing need for orientation within the ever-expanding vastness and fastness of life.

  • I wanted to share the profound experience I had in one of Jayna’s online Sound Healing ceremonies that she facilitated along with Mother Gaia and the Spirit of Cacao. The energy and grand connection between everyone present was simply beautiful, as she continued into her sound healing the energy manifested in my physical body...

  • ... Her voice has, on a number of occasions now produced a physical reaction in me, During this session, at some point the light language concluded in a muttered exhale, which sent a sort of rippled effect, a huge orgasmic like climax washing over me, sending a light, uncontrollable shaking from the depths of my core… from my womb down my legs, into my toes and shooting back up through the body and down my arms escaping through my fingertips. What a profound feeling! One I can relate to actual sexual climax itself!

  • ... I’m so gratful to have been able to experience this in the safety of my own home

    Anonymous - UK, 27

KIND Sound Healings are an offering of energy and resonance. 

 I create immersive experiential sound journeys using Alchemic Crystal Bowls, gong, shamanic percussion with ethereal voice work and light language, a channelled expression to align your mind, heart, energy system and cellular body. 

Common experiences from my Sound Healing Ceremonies 

On the physical plane, feeling blocked energy moving through the body often happens. This can take the form of tears without story, laughter,  trembling or shaking.  Many have felt sensations of being physically held as if in the womb or by heavenly forces. Others feel sexual energy or bliss in the body. Missing periods have come back after years without them and tension from injured areas is released. 

On an energetic level, the sounds often provide insight, inspiration, perspective shifts and new ideas.  Moments of clarity around subjects that feel stuck often fall into place. Some people receive messages from spirit, in the form of seeing symbols, ancestors,  hearing voices or connecting to inner intuitive feelings.

Lastly, what is always available and in my opinion most valuable, is the deep rest at the level of soul that so many of us are in need of, along with a true connection to the soft kind centre that lives within us all.

  • What is it like coming to one of KIND Yoga, Jayna's classes or Cacao Ceremony? For me it's a massive de-stress moment, to come to something that just totally switches your mind off, and unlocks your body. It's definitely a peaceful moment in my week or my month. It's like a stopgap and a complete refresher
    I’m going to miss her when she’s not here, so I'm looking forward to her coming back. It always puts a smile on my face.

    Roger - London, 40
  • I’ve been to several cacao ceremony, sound healing and ecstatic dance hosted by Jayna. I would highly recommend them to everyone who is on a healing journey, because they have truly helped me through mine especially during darker times.

  • Jayna’s nurturing energy and kindness are the golden ingredients to her success, she has held the safest space for my healing, a space where I can let go of shame and feel connected to my femininity for the first time! There is something truly magical about her music and voice. I swear it awakens something in my body physically when she sings… and the attention to details,from the aesthetic and ambience, to the quality of sound and cacao, each aspects are always stunning!

  • It is truly an experience you can’t miss!
    Thank you Jayna! With so much gratitude ❤️

    Eva - London, 31
  • Just wanted to send big gratitude to you for hosting those cacao and sound healing sacred magicness at the beginning of the very first lockdown. They were something I looked forward to each week, at the darkest time in my life when not much else felt good or comprehendable...

  • ... Visions and tears flowed as you sang in the most beautiful way, that both soothed & uncovered all that I needed to hold and heal at that moment. Felt a real love and connection to sisterhood in the online community you created and I still think of those moments often.

    Alice - UK
  • Around four years ago I made a radical life shift. My marriage had broken down and I was set to become self-sufficient, Single, Mumma. I felt liberated but I was pouring from an empty cup. I found Jayna online and instantly resonated with her tone, her words and positivity. Her voice made me so still and calm...

  • ... Through Kind Matters, Jayna & George have encouraged me on my way to compassionate self love and Guided me to the place where I feel belonging. No make up. No cover up. No fancy clothes. Just me, my free spirit and sometime my son, Who has been sung to sleep by the beautiful voice of Jayna many times during sound healings session online...

  • ... Her online ceremonies have led me to create scared space in my home and and taught me how to truly value the small moments of ritual and joy in every day. Thank you Jayna. For sharing your energy, your light and gift the world.

    Emily - NYC, 33

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KIND Sound Healing is a space for your mind to pause from mental activity and your body to release held tension.


Give room to what your inner being is calling for, it will come forth.

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