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healing spiritiual/emotional body Jan 21, 2021

I've been thinking about you all a lot the last week. Wondering what it is that holds this small community together as we seem to be a pretty diverse bunch. I know there are those of you who don't practice yoga, who I have never met in person or whose lives are radically different from mine. What is this common thread that keeps you reading these mail-outs then? 

What I have come to understand is that you are a good person. In your heart you are an inherently kind being and that you seek to nurture this part of yourself from another (which in this case is me)!

I am coming to the end of my trip in Costa Rica where the nature is on the wilder side. I’ve witnessed how cruel and utterly loving it can be. Humanity is the same and with this gift of autonomy that we all possess, we must choose which side of life we wish to nurture. I know that kindness comes from a sensitivity to the world and a body that easily feels life.

This can lead to not believing, caring or supporting the very thing that gives us the capacity to be kind: ourselves… How swift the mind is to judge and put down our efforts, how smoothly we jump to the conclusion that we are at fault, a fraud or a failure. To settle into unloving habits of thought or action. Whatever form it takes, it seems that in essence it is our kindness that polarises us into cruelty. 

Everything we see without exists within. Our journey is to create peace, contentment, joy and love as the baseline of life, a returning point which we float off from. We are our own medicine and the world needs our medicine. What heals us individually heals the world around also. As within, so without. 

Our existence has enough power, hunger and ambition. There is already enough separation and small mindlessness. What I see more and more, is a world that needs kindness. Kind people can share and teach the way of softly living inside and out, to know we have a right to that bright brilliance of the spirit and how to encourage it. To thrive rather than simply survive.

I speak of a kindness that has the force to shatter worlds, to blast open harmful actions and crack apart the hard collective density that binds us.

Just for today, recognise the kindness in yourself and in others in the world around you. See if you can cultivate this healing energy within your life, with your thoughts, smiles, gestures, small actions and clear words. Watch how this illuminates your day.

It’s this radical kindness that I’m bringing forward into the new decade. I’ve spent the last year going deep into my purpose that starts with my work with KIND and how I can support more people on this journey. I’m excited to start this new chapter, which will give more and hold more kind people in their brilliance. So watch this space.

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