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A love song to loneliness

As the ultimate love heart antidote, this letter is a love song to loneliness.

The Journey Towards Hormonal Balance

I found out I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) around 6 years ago through an ultrasound scan that my doctor recommended.

Miscarriage & Motherhood

The fragility of carrying life and losing these precious seeds of creation has always been a part of my story.

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Podcast Episode 02 - Resistance and flow Jun 06, 2019

KIND Matters is back! This podcast is brought to you with compassion, as compassion is what I am left with after navigating the last couple of weeks between resistance and flow. Join me for episode 2 to explore what these two spaces represent and how we can recognise resistance, take back our...

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Podcast Episode 01 - The Healing Path And Why It Matters Apr 28, 2019


Welcome friends, this podcast has been born out of an excitement to share more with you, a spark of desire swelling into a wave of action: a couple of days later, here we are! My love, my heart, to yours and your journey. In this episode, I’m sharing on the kind matter of healing....

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KIND Love Letters From Me To You

From time to time, get a dose KIND musings, reflections, practices and heart to heart offers.