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A love song to loneliness

As the ultimate love heart antidote, this letter is a love song to loneliness.

The Journey Towards Hormonal Balance

I found out I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) around 6 years ago through an ultrasound scan that my doctor recommended.

Miscarriage & Motherhood

The fragility of carrying life and losing these precious seeds of creation has always been a part of my story.

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Keeping the spark Jan 26, 2020

Once again I’m bowled over by what is created when humans come together with focus. On retreat my part is simple really, I plant a seed of kindness and watch it grow and flower like wildfire, inside and out. It is just the most beautiful thing to witness and be a part of. This is...

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With zero apology... Jan 14, 2020

this is what has been feeding me... 

The longing of my heart to meet the jungle has been met, vast Alice in Wonderland wonder fully ignited! The harmony that lives within sacred places feels like entering a cathedral: rainforest trees so high and mighty I burst into tears when...

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KIND Love Letters From Me To You

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