Keeping the spark

healing nature retreat spiritiual/emotional body Jan 26, 2020

Once again I’m bowled over by what is created when humans come together with focus. On retreat my part is simple really, I plant a seed of kindness and watch it grow and flower like wildfire, inside and out. It is just the most beautiful thing to witness and be a part of. This is because it is the essence of our truth and human nature. How amazing is that! 

These bubbles of honest, connection, love and trust are honestly what I live for. It has been a part of my journey from the beginning, growing up it's what I wanted in my family system. I used drinking and parties to find it through my teens and early 20's,  it's what I have always found when I connect to music, movement, dance, nature and it is within the communities associated with those things. I truly feel like the luckiest person in the world to have worked out how to create these spaces -  so deep thanks to all of you that participate in them and keep it alive for me.

The challenge is (as it was the night after a beautiful festival or love affair!) how to travel out of the bubble and keep the spark alive. Sometimes the contrast of life (that produce fearful and low states) whispers to me that this is the truth and the love bubble is not. Keeping the spark alive for me means having faith, and believing to the corners of my toes, that love is real!  And even if I'm not feeling it, it’s my highest truth. 

So if January is sucking you into its grey numbness, remember the times when you felt full of life, when your jaw aches so much from smiling, when your being felt as free as a child, because this is the real you, and you will find it again if you keep the faith and keep believing. Through small actions in the right direction and through choices your spirit knows how to find it's way back. 

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