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healing lifestyle nature physical body spiritiual/emotional body Jan 14, 2020

this is what has been feeding me... 

The longing of my heart to meet the jungle has been met, vast Alice in Wonderland wonder fully ignited! The harmony that lives within sacred places feels like entering a cathedral: rainforest trees so high and mighty I burst into tears when I arrived; electric blue butterflies as big as my face floating through our open air bathroom; 5ft iguanas at the bottom of the garden; fairy like hummingbirds; dancing multi coloured parrots; hidden winged beings singing the most shiny, ridiculous melodies; forna; flora; fungi are all part of the symbiosis and dense support culture that holds itself here. Mind Glowing!

I had an incredible first encounter with Cacao fruit and tree in person visiting the women from the Bribri tribe if Limone. I got in touch with Cacao Magic, a wonderful community who share ceremonial cacao with such generosity and grace. Adrina took me on a trip inland to visit the Bribri tribe cacao factory. It was so inspiring to see the other side of where cocoa comes from and meet the women who continue to make this plant medicine. In the Bribri tribe women are the keepers of cacao. Since the devastating earthquake around 29 years ago, this factory (donated by the government) has been a huge support to the local women and community. 


George and I have been using their cacao in ceremony together and what deep blessings and learnings around relationship we are receiving! Travel is always such a deep teacher for me, we are transforming and growing together at a pretty high speed. I discovered George is an artist, remembered co-dependency is a bitch, happiness has nothing to do with what's outside of the mind, meditation is my best friend, I'm not interested in surfing, laughter is the best medicine, sex is a healer and energy is EVERYTHING! As a couple we definitely needed this time.



Around New Year George and I set up a 21 day Abundance meditation challenge on whatsapp (email me to join our next one). Lots of you joined through the KIND Golden Gang Whatsapp Group, cultivating this energy has been so powerful for us. The flow really aligned with us being welcomed into the Casa Capitan family, we stayed a few nights in a very exclusive Bali inspired private beach house in Santa Teresa (more like a temple than a beach house) - a pretty unreal and dreamy experience.  I'd highly recommend adding Casa Capitan to your family vacation or wedding venue wish list for future manifestation! 

We are now down the peninsula staying at a perfectly eccentric tiny art house in the jungle. Both locations are utterly perfect in their own way, heaven truly is where your heart is and shati is just as luxurious as extravagance. 


As we enter this new decade I wanted to say thank you for being a part of this KIND space with me. I believe what we can do together by co-generating love, support, healing and rising is a precious gift.  I am fully committed to serving this calling I feel to this work and this vision we are already growing into. Bring on 2020!

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