The Journey Towards Hormonal Balance

motherhood physical body pregnancy Dec 05, 2020

I found out I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) around 6 years ago through an ultrasound scan that my doctor recommended. I was diagnosed through 9-week cycles, missed periods, extremely heavy⁠, painful bleeds and life-disrupting hormonal imbalances. Hello, crazy emotions and cystic acne. I remember the nurse showing me the ultra scan of my enlarged and unhappy ovaries and I just felt so sad. ⁠


I knew that the way I was living has contributed to this imbalance in some way. I was overworked and drained, finally working in music and wellness, doing what I truly loved! And yes somehow I was once again living in a masculine paradigm of success orientated, Yang driven, busy busy busy stressed-ness. ⁠

At the time, I felt utterly hopeless. The words ‘You will most likely have difficulty conceiving’ and ‘future fertility issues’ rang through my head for the following weeks, months and years. This was the conditioned imprint I received through the many doctors and specialists I saw over the diagnosis, on the search to heal and recover. ⁠

I believe we are always given what we need to grow and PCOS was the perfect doorway for my inquiry into a deeper relationship with myself through natural solutions. It took a lot of grasping in the dark, late nights of independent research, frustrating dead ends (from mainstream solutions to seriously out there spiritual practices!) and many troublesome periods to finally piece together what could actually help this ‘untreatable’ condition. 

How could I have known back then that my long and winding journey with PCOS would lead me to a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with my femininity, sexuality, cycles and womanhood? ⁠Once again I was shown that the darkness we swim in always leads to greater light.

Throughout my feminine recovery journey, I have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of women that experience hormonal issues, painful periods, up and down emotions and struggles with fertility. It seems to be a pandemic of this feminine age. 

If you're suffering with any of this my heart truly goes out to you. We are led to believe this is a normal part of being a woman, but it’s not. We are meant to feel so much better than this!  Sadly our systems and cultures do not support our education in the fundamental principles of how our amazing feminine body works. Too many of us end up in silence, in pain, confusion and not knowing where to turn.

I would LOVE to know how I can best support you and offer you a 100 discount on my upcoming offering for filling out the form below before 2021.

Help KIND reach more women like you!


It would really help me in identifying how to reach out in the most effective way to more women like you. Together I believe we can spread this healing. Of course, all information will be strictly confidential and read-only by me and will only take 3-5 minutes of your time, promise! 

All in all, as this year unraveled and so many of my retreats were canceled I was called to ask myself. What do I really want to give and how can I serve right now? I realised how much holistic and practical knowledge I now hold around this subject and It really feels like a duty to share this out to our sisterhood before I transition into motherhood! 

Look forward to hearing from you and thank you for being a part of the KIND Community

Warmth and Love,

Jayna x

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