12 Nurturing Tips For Your Festive Period

Dec 13, 2021

Is your resilience at an all-time low? Somehow, the end of the year is also the time when we seem to be tested the most. Our bodies are craving self-care, winter inwardness, lazy days on the sofa, being wrapped up in a blanket with hot cocoa, and yet we are stretched to meet deadlines, socialising multiple days a week, staying out late, stressing about the gifts, travelling…the list goes on!

I, for one, am a close friend of embodying healthy hormone supporting choices throughout the year, only to throw them out the door at the first sign of a vegan mince pie… I get it! It’s the end of the cycle.

Many of us feel pretty burnt out and exhausted by this point. With all this stress that is put on our nervous and endocrine system, plus the many triggers that come up around family, it's no wonder we lose our grip on caring for our body and soul as Christmas looms.

Would you like to get some support along the way during the festive season?

I compiled a list of 12 useful tips that will help you keep your hormones balanced.

Imagine flowing through the break and reaching January feeling bright in your energy and happy in yourself - guess what, it’s possible and I am here to support you!

And FYI … This has nothing to do with getting into your jeans come the new year, this is about how you actually feel from the inside out.

Tip 1

Let's keep those blood sugar levels balanced goddesses! 

Monitor your caffeine intake, yes you deserve a pick-me-up but how can you do it without self-harming your precious body?  

If tea is your thing, swap your builder’s tea for green 

Ditch the sugar and the froth with your coffee, do it like Italians–a sleek, black and strong espresso!

And please please don’t drink your caffeinated substance on an empty stomach. Combine as an afterthought to good wholesome meals 

Or… my all-time favourite go-to: swap all or some of your caffeine experiences with Ceremonial Cacao! 

Not only will your feminine body dance with glee for all the supporting, rather than rinsing, properties of Cacao, but you will add a luxurious chocolate ritual and a higher energetic experience to your winter.

Yes please! Want to try? … click here

Tip 2

If your body is nourished with nutritious whole foods you will be 90% less likely to give in to your sweet tooth

Make use of the free time during the holidays to prepare nurturing, nutritious and slow foods, and perhaps finally get to that yummy plant-based recipe you saved!

Cut the processed, air-filled, empty carbs and reset your brain to how you can get as much fresh seasonal goodness on one plate as possible. 

Tip 3

Body-loving treats. The web is filled with healthy alternatives that won't send your blood sugar levels soaring to the levels of processed white sugar that is found in pretty much everything nowadays.


Make some cinnamon and date energy balls 

Or Low sugar fruit muffins 

And my personal go-tos: dark chocolate treats 

If you are short on time, find a local business or restaurant that has experience making them. Just do check the ingredients for cheap tricks for flavour, or unsustainable things like palm oil.

 Tip 4

Don’t stop moving.

Yes, let's use this time to go inwards, be still, get cosy and watch movies, but a quick walk after a meal, some yoga or just a short run in the morning, will make a big difference in supporting your metabolism as well as lowering your blood sugar levels – all very crucial for your hormonal balance. 

And don’t forget to ask yourself: Is this an act of love? Exercising is great but let's not fall into the trap of self-harm. 

Notice how you feel before each time you exercise, is your mind driven by care or punishment and fear? Be mindful.

Tip 5

Use the time you have off for your personal growth.

You could do what most of us do, numb out into the blurry flow of Xmas no man's land…  or… you could commit a small section of your time to learn about your feminine body instead. This will leave you feeling positive and great about yourself entering the New Year, guaranteed!

Have a look at the first part of my Full Cycle Support course, Hormonal Harmony,  and you’ll understand why this is great for you.

Tip 6

Is your period coming up? Feeling sensitive? 

Self-practices are the key. Wrap yourself in love over your moon time. Go inward, embody your Yin. 

If you're wondering how to do that, my course I Honour My Flow is a monthly tool kit of self-loving practices that can support you through your period no matter your symptoms.

Tip 7

General rest… de-stressing our system is one of the best things we can do for our overall health and yes this includes your menstrual cycle.

Can you actually use this time to receive, take the pressure off, sleep more and allow regeneration? What would planning that into your diary look like?


Tip 8

Get the emotional support you need. Often these yearly pauses bring up what we haven’t had time to process in the busier times of the year and for some of us, holidays won’t look the way they used to this year again, and we might end up feeling lonely. So make a plan.

Who will you reach out to if you're feeling down, emotional, lost? Who are your trusted friends, therapists, meditation groups or support networks? Remember whatever you are facing, you are never alone. 

If you want to connect with kind and supportive people, join our KIND community– an open space to reach out for support share your thoughts and feelings and ask for advice. Feel free to join here.

Tip 9

As you may have guessed, alcohol will wreak havoc on a sensitive hormonal system … but if you're not ready to let the wine glass drop quite yet (which I totally get btw, letting loose into the festive season can feel wonderful!)

But how can you do it kindlyHere are some ideas… 

Don’t drink on an empty stomach  

Say as hydrated with water as you possibly can - 1 drink for 2 glasses of filter water. Embrace peeing lots :) If your pee is clear-ish, you’re on track!  

Remember sleep is your healer. 

If you have a late-night, take the time the next day to be super calm and gentle with yourself.

Most of all… ask yourself what moderation looks like? It can build self-esteem hugely to stop at tipsy and call it a night. 

As my mother-in-law says, don’t drink to feel good, drink to feel better.

And if you're struggling to have boundaries with yourself around alcohol (this was me) perhaps it's time to check out a 12-step group? They are free, friendly and filled with love.  

Tip 10

For those of us who have a tendency to over-eat at festivities, take a deeper look.  

Often, these patterns of behaviour cover up inner feelings that can be supported better, the key is to create a gap between the feeling and the behaviour. Here is how you can practice it: 

When you crave more than you actually need, try parenting yourself.

Slow down.

Say to the part of you that wants to eat another 3 portions 'let's take a pause, do something else and if you still want it, you can have it after’ 

Take some fresh air, drink water or herbal tea, call a friend, engage in the activity of listening, bring yourself into the present moment, feel your breath, list everything that is of beauty at this moment.

These small actions are much efficient and will support self-regulation.

And for some of us, who’ve struggled with eating disorders, and perhaps still are: holidays can be incredibly triggering. If this relates to you, make sure you have the support, tools and a plan. There is no need to endure in silence. Once again... You're not alone!

Tip 11

Boundaries! Ah that beautiful work that applies to any relationship we have with ourselves, each other and the physical world around us. 

Lack of boundaries and lack of self-esteem tend to be connected.

What would it be like to simply look after yourself and not take on anyone else's feelings? Step out of the caretaker role. Allow you, to do you!  

When it comes to holidays, boundaries can be as simple as saying yes to the things you want to do and saying no to the things you don’t. 

And if that rustles the family tree, allow it to shake. It could be the start to some radical healing of family dynamics that have been a long time coming.

Tip 12

This brings me to my last tip. 

If you fall off the bandwagon one or even a few days in a row… all is not lost!

Rather than beating yourself up about it, and continuing the harmful behaviours, practice unconditional love instead.

Don’t judge yourself and just begin where you are. Make the next loving choice. 



So there we have it.

12 KIND tips that will leave you feeling better about yourself come the new year. Happy Christmas dear one. 

Even if you take action on half of these I can guarantee your next period will be that little bit easier. Because our period and the way we feel it are a direct reflection of how we treated ourselves the month before, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Did you know this?

Curious to learn about it? to know more? Visit my courses page on this topic.

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