The Beauty Industry

healing physical body Dec 16, 2020

The beauty industry has sold us a big lie! It would have us believe that our natural bodies are ugly, dirty and wild, needing to be managed, tamed, cleaned and sterilised - THIS is DEEPLY conditioned within us from a young age - How can we regain free thought and choice over our bodies? 

This lie we are being sold.. is ironically one of the things that is making us unwell and hormonally imbalanced. Beauty products, makeup and perfumes are filled to the brim with toxins that actually destroy the delicate ecosystem of our natural body. They disrupt our hormones and lead directly to dis-ease.  

How? The skin is the largest organ in the body, just as it sweats toxins out and also absorbs in… for example, a UK study found that the average woman absorbs 5 pounds of make up each year! 5 pounds! Of toxic load that the body takes in before beginning the herculean job of trying to detox it out. On top of that add the absorption of body/face wash, moisturisers, shampoos, hair products, deodorants (the list goes on!)  and we have created a heap of extra work for our precious bodies. How can we expect our bodies to be healthy and vital when we do this day after day.

So what can we do?! 


Transition 🧡 


  • - Read the labels - often products labelled organic only have 2 - 3% of organic ingredients. That's sad! 

  • If you don’t know what an ingredient is - look it up 

  • As a rule of thumb if you don’t want to put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin 

  • Use less, question what you actually need, don’t be conned into being a sheep consumer 

  • Make your own products - it’s so liberating getting to really know what your body wants 

  • Or spend more on good for you products 

  • Do your research before you run out 

  • My first step would be to chuck away your perfume - Really, it's seriously carcinogenic - Switch to essential oils - doTerra Whisper is my current go-to or Frankincense mixed with one of the florals 


If you're making your own products Follow @livinglibations and order the book Renegade Beauty to get into DIY beauty products. @envinaturals is a wonderful resource for makeup @revenvert is another.

It takes time and investment to make this transition. Personally, I have found I need to constantly recommit to it as it’s often easier to stay unconscious and reach for the thing that is just easy. The problem is once you know, you know! 


🧡  The beautiful thing is as we become more conscious with consumerism, we are not only giving our bodies but also to the earth. Because if it’s toxic for us, it’s toxic for our planet. Plus conscious products tend to have way more sustainable options for packaging. Check out @owayofficial as a good example.

So that's my plug. Shining from sunny Lisboa last weekend, armpit hair like I just don’t care. It is a process and I would love to know where you are at with this part of your journey. Converse with me below 😘

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