Addicted to love

healing retreat spiritiual/emotional body Jan 30, 2021

This weekend I held a Women’s retreat and we made circle after circle to meet ourselves and each other. We created Altars of our intentions, allowing honesty to be the vulnerable bedrock of our work together, that we held hands to rise in spirals, softening to the essence that transformed us all. 

I needed this as much as the sisters I held space for and it felt so darn good! To see the reflection in each other, to hear the themes which bring us to heal, different stories, same emotions. What really woke up my attention this time is how harmony is simple and effortless. It’s almost impossible to not love, feel kindness, and care for the person who gets real, takes off the armour and allows themselves to be seen. 

Because ultimately we are all the same. 

We feel the same hurt, pain, grief, loneliness, heartache and exhaustion in varying degrees, and ironically it’s these very wounds that allow us to rise… to be lifted,  into the dreams, the oneness, the hope and the heart. 

It might sound morbid but I saw it so clearly this weekend. Pain is inevitable, it is human to experience it, and there is nothing we can do to avoid it. What keeps us going? Why do we continue to strive and try our best over and over again? As the song says:

‘you might as well face it, you’re addicted to love’

(Check out this cover by Until the Ribbon Breaks that George and I think is brilliant!) 

And we all are, it’s the only thing which makes the madness of life make sense. 

And it’s the best thing in the world to be addicted too :) and what I adore about it the most is that it keeps widening and deepening the more we grow, there is no arrival, there is always more, we take a journey of the spirit that leads to a plateau we can be with for a while before being asked to love and journey again. 

Thinking back to last weekend, makes me smile and gives me warm feelings in my belly, love was created here. We turned on the motors and revved up the love engine :) So sweet, so pure, so simple.

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