My love affair with Essential oils 

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The doTerra oils have become my trusted companions. Peppermint is a wonder oil. Whenever I have a the onset of a migraine, I place it on my forehead and feel the coolness start to calm all tension, like melting it like butter :) Frankincense is my go to when I feel ungrounded and off centre. The oils are just amazing simple herbal ways to help assist with everyday life - I love them and the gentle power of these mighty plants.

Karishma - London, 38

My ‘Ah Ha!’ moment was when I was relieved of crippling period pain whilst I was holding a retreat. In 20 mins my symptoms were gone, purely through using these little bottles of plant magic . The power of doTERRA Essential oils blew my mind and opened me up to a whole new world of nature's ability to heal, sooth and bring us back to balance.

Years later I have continued my journey with oils and aligned myself with the conscious enterprise that is doTERRA, a leading Essential oils company with over 8 million customers - almost 70% of whom are returning for the simple reason that their products are so incredibly powerful and supportive.

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I have been helping others bring Essential oils into their lives for physical, mental or emotional support (usually a combination of the three) because as you probably know: everything is connected

Jayna is such a calm, kind and curious listener - the oils she suggested for me were just what I needed and helped ground me at a time I was struggling. My Mum has since requested the same ones, so the choice has gone on to enrich her life too! Thank you Xxx

Ty - UK, 28

Interested in using essential oils in your life?

     Order oils now I can help you make your first doTERRA order with my 25% off discount. By creating an account with me you will have access to the Team App - your exclusive oils community. This will be your home base for questions, queries and further oily education.

I was feeling anxiety creeping in with the beginning of the pandemic, I had always been interested in the healing properties of plants but never knew quite where to start. Being introduced by Jayna to doTERRA's quality oils and inspiring community,

I now use the oils daily. They help rebalance me and I feel more connected to myself and Mother Earth. So much gratitude to Jayna for guiding me towards the beautiful gifts of plant oils!

Joanna - Brighton, 29

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