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healing physical body spiritiual/emotional body Dec 02, 2019

How do you face your limitations without beating yourself up?

Whenever we learn something new, study, expand, gain knowledge there is always going to be a part of our ego which bashes up against the limitations of whatever we are learning. 

It might be the mind, the memory, our creative abilities, spiritual being, imagination or our physical body.  

For the perfectionist, this is one of the toughest places to go to, suddenly you find yourself smack up against the very thing you came to this place to change. You see all your inadequacy in high definition and suddenly your back to being that child or teenager who failed, was criticised or rejected. 

The instinct is to turn and run, to quit, to not face these uncomfortable feelings. It is so much easier to not engage with the subject at all… but this is where the gold is. 

In sticking with our imperfection

In following through with the desire to grow

In allowing ourselves to be good enough rather than the best 

We get to deeply love that wounded inner child 

And turn those negative harmful thoughts into encouragement, recognition and light 

Only you have the power to change the inner landscape of your being, to a more welcoming, beautiful and kind environment. 

Whatever it is your heart is longing for, go to that place and face it head-on, maybe you have been avoiding it for 15 years or 6 months,

Come face to face with being crap at it if needs be! 

Open onto the path to move into the vision,

Feel all those feelings, the frustration, the inner doubt, and the rage,

Welcome it with open arms and see it for what it truly is, 

A fruitful opportunity for the ultimate, real lesson in life ...

Learning to love ourselves

Imagine how we could feel or what we could become 

If we released the perfectionist? 

I engaged with this process a few weeks ago and seem to be continuing on with it … deep and real and oh so very fruitful! 

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