Hold life lightly

healing spiritiual/emotional body Dec 17, 2019

As we wind down towards the end of this year and the end of a decade, the prospect of future plans and goals inevitably come up as well as the reflections on how ‘well’ we have done this year. 

With moving my home, life and work to Portugal, it’s been almost a requirement to dream and vision big, it’s been something to plug back into when the fear and doubt crept in, like an anchor in a dust storm of unknown.  

It has made me realise that the vision is often the power source which keeps us moving forward in life, the more we believe and trust is possible the more momentum we gain. However the bigger the vision the larger the mountain. Expectations and the sense of responsibility is the showdown side of these bright callings, which can be a double-edged sword. 

Some questions I have found helpful to ask myself are:

‘Has this wish become charged and heavy’  

‘Do I feel pressure around my goals?’

‘Is this serving me’ 

‘What time frame am I allowing for this desire to manifest?’ 

It’s amazing, and important to see the big, worldwide, epically fantastic picture, but it can also be so incredibly loving to check-in, reset, and see what the next step is.


I recently realised that what I am holding as the current plan to bring to life within a couple of years max, is more like a 10-year life goal. Having this beautiful realisation reflected back to me, breathed such rivers of relief and space into my being.

Our dreams don’t have to appear in one circuit of the earth around the sun. We can cultivate and call in the energy of generous space instead. Just this subtle shift in viewpoint can open up such space. With the pressure off, newfound energy for life can flow without force. There is also room for all the mystery and assistance to be received. Slow awareness is presence to see all the open doors that are available to us.

Rather than rushing to the finish line, wouldn’t love, grace, life, want you to enjoy this spectacular ride? 

I invite you to focus on the quality with which you hold these precious desires, dreams and visions of yours. Can you support and nurture with loving-kindness, can you accept their transformation within all the twist and turns that appear in the misread of existence? 

This means that I may not buy a piece of land, build a house, have a baby, get dogs and horses, set up a permaculture farm, and a retreat centre, do a few more teacher trainings, create my own teacher training. Make an album of heart-shattering beauty, write a book, turn KIND into the beautiful empire of healing goodness it was born to be, get married and continue along my radically deep path of spiritual exploration by the end of 2020 (forgot the chickens, got to get those chickens) but it does mean that I expect miracles, it does open up room for things to materialise and gives me heaps of freedom to enjoy life and have fun along the way! Perhaps you resonate… 

The only thing we can really do is hold life lightly.

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