Permission To Live In Contradiction

lifestyle physical body spiritiual/emotional body Jan 10, 2020

We have entered 2020, it's happening, all those hopes, dreams, releases and intentions in motion. I feel the collective readiness to move on from the 10's and enter fully into this new phase. 

What I have been witnessing strongly is the contrast between the rising consciousness and love awakening that is sweeping fast across the earth versus the raging fires burning in Australia, climate effects threatening extinction whilst people in power threaten us with World War 3. Inwardly I feel a paradox of caring about the Earth so deeply and yet currently sitting on the other side of our planet from my home. 

My promise to you is to be authentic in my process, my growth and my contradiction around this multi layered subject.  

What I feel today is acceptance, we are all in process and to live in contradiction is oh so totally human!  Climate change is real and none of us is perfect, judgment is futile. Most of us reading this will be in a state of privilege. Feeling guilt doesn't serve the light, it feeds the shadows that keep us small. Preventing us from feeling love. Cutting ourselves off from love is one definite way to be against the flow of life and what the natural world teaches us. 

I know I am doing my part, that I am a steward of this earth, that I feel it's beat and rhythm acutely as child to its mother.
Let's do what we can do, donate to an Australian organisation that calls to your heart from this list , offset your travel, tread as lightly as you can on this earth, think about what you consume (i.e power, food & products) and share your findings. Push for change in your circles and demand it from those in power. Pray and send energy to the places that need it and find a way to integrate and make ongoing changes in your life... and then... surrender control of it all, stop hanging on to the grief we feel, as it is not all that Source wants for us. 

Spreading joy and vibrancy is a form of action, honour and dedication. I know that to live our best lives and follow our desires is the ultimate way to serve Her. It brings us closer to our highest self and further away from the illusion and anxiety which will cripple and silence us if we let it. 

I hope my sharing inspires your ascension into a more abundant, unique, thriving and happier version of yourself. I hope the brightness I'm living gives you the permission to shine and share your wonderful life. I gave myself permission after witnessing this in others. 

This year I am focusing on remembering these truths and spreading this energy. Rather than setting intentions of goals what quality of momentum are you wishing to draw into your year? This, I feel, is a more potent approach of how we can harness the power of a new decade. 

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