The Momentum Wave

healing physical body spiritiual/emotional body Jan 22, 2020

How are all of the 2020 intentions going I wonder? My respect to anyone doing Veganuary, DryJan or working on a new fitness plan ect, that takes guts. Those of you who committed to the inner work in some way, that's possibly the most rewarding thing we can do for ourselves. If you have chosen to release something that binds you or perhaps dedicated your energy to no goal setting this year, to let life simply move through you, that's beautiful too. 

All of it is valid and worthy of our conscious attention. My gentle request is that you go gently and keep returning to love. 

Personally this year I'm not limiting anything, just opening into the upward spiral. Releasing some patterns of thought which don't belong to me any more, it feels simple and that's perhaps the core of it for me.

How can 2020 be more simple 


Aligned and spacious 

The first few months can be tough ones, the weather can feel harsh, the energy can feel tired and worn, this can sneakily seep into our thoughts and feelings. Motivated intentions can become tainted when our human pull towards negativity creeps in. What happened to that New year 2020 glow?! 

There is a momentum to be harnessed and we can all ride that wave in our own way should we wish to. Just jump back on :) 

Here is a magic pill: 

You are already perfect! 

Integrating new patterns just evolves that perfection 

We are all in this transcending/awakening game together 

There is no failure 

By simply being you, you have already won at life

How wonderful! 


Drink it down with a warm cup of: 

Focusing on the original 2020 desires, that spark of light which got you started 

Plug into this every day and protect it like a precious flame that needs to be fed with love and kindness 

Change can happen fast or slowly, either way, cultivating patience is key

Listen to your body and what it needs 

Give space to the parts of your life that feel rushed 


I have a feeling 2020 is going to be a fast year!  


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