Oil of the day - Immune support

healing oils physical body Feb 12, 2020

Rain, sun, cold nights, warmer days, fluctuations in temperature and with the beauty, weather also brings in infectious bugs and colds. 

From my experience, it pays off to strengthen your immune system and take care of yourself, it's all about preventative health! 

Introducing On Guard - a blend of plant extracts that protects against environmental and seasonal threats with oils known for their positive effects on the immune system. One drop in warm water on first signs of imbalance, rub on soles of feet at night or diffuse in your office. It smells like Christmas because its main ingredient is clove oil which is surprisingly high on the ORAC scale of anti-oxidant foods and herbs - higher than turmeric even.

Also great for making our own cleaning products with. 

Secondly Oregano oil - natures antibiotic - also super high in antioxidants, it's so strong it really needs to be used with care as can burn skin. Sore throat, gargle one drop in warm water, ingest one to two drops daily, for ongoing immune support, healthy digestion and respiration. It's also yummy in food, makes your partner think of pizza. 

If I could give the northern hemisphere two oils for the colder seasons it would be these two. Because no one likes getting sick, and when we take care of our health in advance, life is just so much more fun!

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