Oil of the day - Wild Orange

healing oils physical body Feb 14, 2020

I’ve recently re-infused Wild Orange into my cacao practice and ceremonies bringing a bright sun filled abundant energy to January. Just one drop can plug you back into the love. It's one of the most affordable oils (which I love as it’s one of my favourites) and a great place to start your oil journey without too much commitment. There is a beautiful philosophy about really spending time with and getting to know just one oil, one plant essence at a time. Wild Orange would be a great choice. 

Use this oil in mediation. Breath it in or diffuse it, call in abundance, on all levels, relationships, time, love, prosperity, relationships… Let the aroma and feeling of abundance fill you. Use this oil to anchor those higher states you wish to reach. 

Repeat daily and start using wild orange to bring you back into alignment with your desires when your feeling low or disconnected. Watch your world transform around you :) 

This oil comes from Southern Brazil. It supports a beautiful local community and is sustainably sourced.

  • Anchor it into your abundance meditations, affirmations or morning practice.

  • Carry in your bag for an afternoon pick me ups or to comfort friends in need.

  • Add to energy balls, homemade chocolate, cakes, coffee and Cacao! 

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