Play as a spiritual practice

healing physical body spiritiual/emotional body Feb 19, 2020

I have noticed in this extended period of being back in London, with a heap of uncertainty and a stack of work to do, that I can become Very. Serious. Responsibility and feeling short on time seem to be where seriousness breeds. 

I’ve watched it in myself over the last week, spiral effectively into negative thought processes. Stress, fear and a general sense of low lying anxiety. Which really is one sure way to pull you out of the present moment, dampen your connection to others and separate yourself further. 

My process has been experiencing quantum shifts from this state, interestingly not by figuring things out, but by letting the lightness in. 

A simple phone call with someone on a higher vibration

Saying yes to the helter-skelter of pre-bed giggle

Watching sex education on Netflix

Listening to music that supports free states of mind

Dancing on my own 

Guided meditations rather than my own silence

And not reading the news are all micro-actions towards freedom from seriousness. 


Small actions like this can change everything! 

When you’re feeling the pressure and under stress, opening into this old age truth 

Play, silliness, humour is a highly serious spiritual practice

It’s a choice, a habit, a state of mind

And it’s a highly evolved one 

Could this be your yogic antidote to moving through the fear state? 

The danger with seriousness is that if we hang out in it long enough we start to think it’s our identity. 

Stress is said to be the major cause of all disease or dis-ease so beware, it’s real, holding ourselves in tight states not only affects our physical body but our mind and wellbeing on all levels.

I have a friend who puts not being stressed at the top of his priority list in life, he believes it’s the best way to stay healthy and not grow old young (FYI he’s in his 40’s and looks pretty good!). 

So how do we do this? 

Offering small gestures to open up to the lightness of life, making subtle choices that re-connect us to the flow of freedom is actually pretty easy. 

Life is quite funny,

And life’s humour is everywhere when you look out for it.

Ultimately, with all our micro and master plans, we have very little control.

Life can spin us around and upside down in a second, 

So we might as well see the bright side and smile instead!

I am so happy to have received this message from various friends, reading, and daily signs - it’s really changed my whole experience of being here in London. 

Stress closes us down, a smile, bit of mischief or a giggle opens us up. It can happen in an instant, it’s super-fast and super-effective. 

Let’s not be so serious. Nurture laughter, play and joy, make this your way of life. It doesn’t diminish the depth of your more sober spiritual moments. It is a deep medicine and a true commitment to living fully. 

A gentle reminder, sent to me to send to you so you can send it to others :) 

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