What potential!

healing retreat spiritiual/emotional body Mar 04, 2020

I am still flying high from a weekend at Avalon Wellness Centre and Broughton Hall. George and I were spontaneously invited to join with 40 inspired thought leaders and beings coming together on how to create positive change and a new humanity in this turbulent time...... I am feeling so hopeful in the inner power we all carry, the potential of inner transformation for outer change. The uprising of consciousness so many of us are truly embracing is real! 

Yes there is so much darkness in the world right now. Virus, storms, climate, hate, politics, poverty, suppression the list goes on the grief and despair is endless..... but there is also so much light.

Where do you choose to put your focus? Can we hold reality without suppression?  Will you give more weight to the truth of love? 

We are in a process of fast expansion and transformation... spiritual awakening is commonplace, tech carries so much potential, communication, emotional intelligence, collective healing, shared knowledge and a desire to serve more than just ourselves is the new reality. It's happening!  

I want to share this now, with all the negative, fear-mongering media that is all-pervasive.  We do have a choice of whether we invest in that thinking or not. 

At the heart of this positive change (which is undeniable even though it’s rarely reported on),  is LOVE, presence, connection.... the all-pervasive source that holds life together, us together and out of the total chaos that would inevitably prevail without it ...  

Don't let fear be your God... Choose to walk this path with your brothers and sisters that believe in another way.  Now is the time. 

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