A healing crisis

healing spiritiual/emotional body Mar 10, 2020

What is a healing crisis? A phenomenon that can happen in the process of healing when things seem to get a lot worse before they get better. 

It is not something we necessarily plan or make space for. When the soul or body is ready, it will just happen to us if it needs to. Most people talk about a healing crisis as physical but they can also be connected to spirit. 

Old emotional trauma can come up, physical trauma, sickness or pain can be re-lived. In general, it basically feels like the world has been turned upside down like losing your grip on reality! Emotional rollercoaster, sickness, confusion, pain, memories, dreams, the list goes on... basically pretty stressful for you and your relationships and not the brightest of times hey ... but it is deeply important!   

Why?  A healing crisis is our subconscious working through stuck energy and belief systems which are ready to be let go. Essentially it helps us to be free, so we can heal, rise and move to higher states of consciousness. It is important because when we don’t let old energy move it can lead to stuck lives, depression, negative habits, bad health, disease and unhappiness. 

So how do we support someone else or ourselves during a healing crisis? 

  • Acceptance. Recognising it is the first step and allows us to clear space for the inner work to unfold. 

  • Give or get support from healers, therapists or friends who understand, do not minimize the situation (remember you are worthy of the time and energy to fully process this and work out what it means!). 

  • When going through this process we are vulnerable, negative energy can easily attach to us, it might not even be yours! So keep clearing your energetic space. Ceremony, sleep, laughter, love, movement, touch, animals can all help in re-aligning you towards truth.

  • Work out what you need, time to sit quietly, be in nature, journal or retreat are all valuable tools. 

  • Most importantly trust, that this is happening for a reason, you are in a process of death and rebirth and it will lead to deep awakening, peace, transformation and happiness if you follow it though. 

I am sharing this purely from what I have experienced and what I have seen in others. I've been through these, shit loads of old childhood stuff coming up, super sensitive to the world, one day up one day down. It often comes at the most maddening time, last year for me while moving country and home and all! But as I had been here before (in my early 20's) I knew what to do. I have loved ones and teachers who are always reassuring me I am on the right path, In a process of shedding skin, transforming and getting closer to my truth. 

When things seem too much to handle, I trust myself to feel it though, let it out and focus on allowing. I can still show up for my yogis, teach with love and run my business. This is amazing and I am super grateful for that!

I hope it can be of service in some way to whoever reads this, perhaps it makes sense of something from your past that you didn't understand, maybe your reading this because there is someone in your life who needs your support and understanding right now.  

However this touches you, trust in the process - more will be revealed!

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