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lifestyle physical body spiritiual/emotional body Mar 11, 2020

I have returned back home to Portugal and I have to say it’s pretty glorious to be back in the sun. Such an amazing way to recharge low energy supplies. 

The effect the coronavirus is having on our lives right now is a very real and tangible thing. We are entering into the unknown with how this is going to play out in regards to our families, work, businesses, future plans etc. 

When fear takes us, negative thought patterns spiral, the body closes, we become tight, stress levels rise and the combination of this impacts our health and wellbeing.

Here is my 4 step protocol to work with fear states to create more presence:

1. Be aware of your thoughts

Be aware of your thoughts, use this as a mindful practice. When you notice a series of thoughts that lower your vibration, see that they are with you, take a moment. You can internally say ‘hello fear-based thoughts, I see you, I feel you, thank you for trying to protect me’. This non-judgmental awareness is the first vital step.

2. Come back to the physical body with love

Where do you feel this fear? How does it move in you? Place your hand on that part of your body, take a few loving breaths and send kindness into those places.

3. Call in the support with gratitude

Draw in an awareness of what you are grateful for on a physical level, a warm home, loving relationships, nourishing food, a supportive job etc … Then spread this out to what supports you spiritually/ emotionally, feel the earth and your connection to nature, call in whatever beliefs support you, welcome your spirit or angel guides, the loved ones that watch over you.. call them close, allow them to be present.

4. Expand and choose a more loving thought, spreading compassion.

Lean into this space, feel the exhale and the expansion that this gratitude and trust can give you.

From this place of openness, ask the heart, what is the most loving thought that can support me right now …. 

This process can take a couple of minutes or once you embody it a few seconds, it will always bring you relief from that anxious contracted state and empower you with connection.

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