Generous Hope of Spring

healing lifestyle physical body spiritiual/emotional body Mar 18, 2020

This rollercoaster of emotions we are all on! The changing landscape every day, watching how the global crisis filters down to affect our own movement, work and bank balances is a very intense reality. 

Over the last two weeks, I have slowly moved from dismissive scepticism to a process of opening my perspective to encompass a variety of information from medical/scientific to spiritual and psychological, extending to gain scope (as I am sure we all are) on the economic, collective and health care risk corona poses.   

Within this noise, I have been tuning into how to react with regards to my own business and life. A gradual waking up to the very real concern of how COVID-19 is already impacting the people and things I care about most. 

Many of you will be going through this process with me…  most of us reading this are the privileged ones, with a health care system, warm homes, water, food and money in the bank and behind any anxiety, we feel high volumes of gratitude for all that we have and all that you love right now… this aliveness is a glorious thing. 

It’s a shining light, as the current economic structures rattle, human compassion, care, kindness and generosity are beginning to rise. 

I believe with coronavirus bringing much destruction it is also bringing much light, just tune into the love you feel in your heart right now for those you love, tune into the gratitude you have for the simple things that are holding you today… notice how this has energetically placed you in a totally new landscape of what matters and what is really of importance. 

It is almost like corona has ripped the veil of illusion away from our blinded eyes to reveal the possibility of creating a better, more caring future for ourselves and the next generation. 

So as we navigate our way through this, the immediate response may trigger stress and fear, as Russell Brand puts it - let it be wisdomfear rather than neuroticfear -  and keep plugging into that epically huge thing that is happening behind the fear, which is a deeper awakening to love and gratitude. 

“Remember: Energy flows where attention goes! ”

I am feeling passionate that now more than ever we need to connect to the Earth's guidance as we reshape this year. That in this way a shift in consciousness is a very possible outcome from this pandemic. 

We now have the time and space to ask the questions, what matters? What do I care about? And as I move forward, what can I do to align my life with my answers?

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