A survival kit

lifestyle physical body spiritiual/emotional body Mar 19, 2020

KIND corona emotional survival kit:

  1. Question your information - When consuming media, text and information, be mindful of protecting your energy in this pursuit. Please question your sources, ask if this information has been inflamed for a response, check data, and please don’t spread information that could cause more panic. Before sharing something ask, does this information contribute to this persons/peoples emotional and physical wellbeing. 

  2. For those of you in self-isolation, beware of getting stuck on your screen and social media. It can suck your energy and move you away from your inner voice. I have been feeling this creep up on me so I am reminding myself that now is a wonderful time to move towards an inward journey. Meditation, writing, connecting with loved ones, stillness, cooking, reading, creating will all assist in your shift from mind to heart. 

  3. With this new terminology such as social distancing, closed borders and self-quarantine, we are being suggested to separate. Obviously, we need to do this at a practical level, however, it is more dangerous to allow this to influence our emotional and mental states. What we need is an emotional connection, spiritual closeness and a feeling of oneness. We are all in this together so let’s nurture that sense of togetherness for ourselves and others.  

  4. Here are some articles I found helpful in making my decisions last week: 

5. Bonus point from George’s family that love board games. Play remotely! They’re obsessed with “Psych” and everyone from the youngest member to grandparents play it. Find a way to connect and laugh together even from separate buildings.

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