Your job as a lightworker

healing spiritiual/emotional body Mar 27, 2020

As we move deeper into this, I am aware of the kaleidoscope of human experiences and emotions we are all going through. 

It’s times like these I can easily tap into the pain and struggle this is causing others. 

And here, I am presented a choice.

As an empath and energetically attuned being (as most of us are!), I can dive into the pain, feel the grief, the despair and horror … or I can choose to stay in the path of the light, that I have journeyed so far to know in myself. 

A fresh perspective that a teacher of mine shared with me recently has been running through my mind this week, in essence, here is her message

 Just because you can feel other people’s pain doesn’t mean you have to spend time there, Your job is to be a lightworker and stay in the light, the best thing you can do is maintain your energy,  be aware, see it all, and keep coming back to love. 

We are all healers, we can all transmute pain on behalf of others, though practice and intention, however, there is a way to do it though hands of souces and spirit rather than our personal vital energy.. This is what healers who heal regularly learn to do, it takes trial and error, but I believe we can all embody these practices. 

This is how I have been working with it this week: 

When a message comes in that brings me instantly to tears, or the fear creeps in from something I have read, my job is to become aware of what I am adding my energy toward, draw the line and return to Love

As I bring myself into a place of love - I can ground myself in the centre of that presence without lowering my energetic field and then send it to the situation or person who is in need.  

This is not about suppressing emotions, it’s about becoming conscious to how we can contribute positively. 

Meditation, prayer, gratitude, nature, human connection, movement, creation, laughter, play and sound are my personal ways of cutting the chord to fear and returning to Love. 

How do you do it? Please ask yourself and take note. As we turn towards ourselves in this time, these tools will become of great importance. Not just for us but for those we live and communicate with. 

Which brings me to my next point. It’s ok if you’re enjoying this! 

It’s ok to feel relief and joy around the stillness this is creating in your life.

It’s ok to feel tired, lethargic and want to sleep for a year!

It’s ok to indulge and it’s ok to create, it’s ok if you’re feeling a sense of relief at the pressure being taken off for a time and if this is giving you a well-deserved pause in the relentless manner of your life, embrace it and feel the gratitude.

A huge amount of breathing room is being granted, for humanity and the world and it seems there is no better time for spiritual growth and personal transformation.

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