Full Moon

spiritiual/emotional body Apr 11, 2020


What an interesting time we are in. As we have been moving towards this full moon, I have been moving towards my personal moon time. Which always opens me into this receptive, sensitive, slow and connected space. 

Here is what I have been receiving in my meditations. 

Be still, be quiet and wait… just wait.

Record any creative inspirations but don’t act yet.

As the mind rushes to catch up and sort it out, I witness the never-ending illusion of getting things under ‘control’...   how humorous this concept is, proven unequivocally by recent events. 

When I sit still, I can feel how much is going on in the etheric and astral body. 

I sense that beyond our limited perception, huge shifts are happening, that outside the small ways we ‘control’ our lives, a new path is being forged. 

Somewhere within us, contracts are being made, karmic bonds broken, limited loops of stagnation dissolved and quantum leaps in awareness made possible. 

Have you ever looked back on a period in your life where you were stuck, and from your present situation realised how blinkered your perception was at the time? That’s what I think is happening at the moment on a mass scale for those willing to drop into it. 

I believe this will dictate our personal and collective future. With this huge amount of energy being spent elsewhere, my message is it’s ok to take it slow in this physical realm. 

Let’s be ready for when the flow of right actions and manifestation comes to us. Let’s use this time to go inwards and ask the big questions to align our hearts with the truth. 

A KIND Full Moon ritual from me to you:

Take these questions into your meditations or journaling, the full moon is a perfect time to receive the fruit of your own wisdom. 

  • Clear some space

  • Be alone if possible 

  • Light a candle 

  • Sit for 5 - 10 minutes and visualise the full beam of grandmother moon’s light above your head 

  • Open your crown space to feel her wisdom 

  • Draw up the grounding energy from the earth centre

  • Take three deep breaths receiving what you need with the inhale

  • Exhaling all holding with the exhale 

Then turn to your journal, write on some or all of the following:

  • What do you truly care about? 

  • What do you love? 

  • How do you want to love? 

  • What matters to you? 

  • What is ready to be transformed in your life?

  • Where are you ready to heal? 

  • What parts of your being are ready to be born? 

  • How can you contribute to this beautiful tapestry of life? 

  • What is your purpose? 

These are huge questions when we enquire into them. Be open to whatever comes and be open to it changing tomorrow. 

Sometimes the big questions feel too scary to ask, an easy way in is to allow this inquiry to be an open dialogue rather than a life sentence! Be curious with courage. 

Your answers being thought, written or witnessed is symbolic of being willing for your truth to shine through. 

Now is the perfect time to anchor in those home rituals of reflection into your life. 

Rest, be simple, release any self-imposed pressure to perform or produce, gift yourself with awareness and remember above all, you are Love. 

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