New Normal

lifestyle May 26, 2020

Beautiful ones! 

As some of you may have heard on @Kind_Yoga_Life. I am taking a break from my classes this week.

It’s been so incredible to feel our community in real-time and I have absolutely loved getting to see known and new faces. I honestly didn’t realise before starting how much time goes into this stuff. Turning home into a studio 3 times a week has been quite something (it’s total chaos in the parts I don’t show you!) the planning, technical setup, going live, setting down, following up and promotion for each session and getting used to sharing live into a phone or screen has been quite something. I am feeling so grateful for my very accommodating partner George for helping it run so smoothly, I would still be quite lost without his support.  

It made me realise how easy it can seem when we see people doing things we have never done before. Our culture is pretty obsessed with making things seem easy, presenting the finished product and not showing the messy/stressful parts of birthing new things in the world. I recognise that I am totally a part of that process (it’s not pretty to post the kitchen table piled up with your home stuff to create a clear filing spot or the millions of leads and equipment we are now proud owners of!) There is always going to be a gap in our projected mind of how easy something will be and the reality of breaking it all down and actually following through with it. 

It’s just been such a learning curve for me and makes me realise all the times I have taken someone's online offering for granted in the past. I now feel nothing but admiration. 


I am sharing this with you because we are all in a new normal, and are being required to be incredibly adaptable. We are being required to find new routines, habits, ways of working our jobs, running our businesses, looking after our kids, and nurture ourselves. I have been finding it awe-inspiring to witness the creative ways we have all just got on with this. Humanity amazes me and I feel so proud of us all for handling this so well. 

Really my question for you this week is: 

How can you find a balance towards your work, loved ones and honouring yourself in the New Normal? 

For me, it’s been taking a week off to get some perspective and restructure my offerings. For you perhaps it’s creating clear boundaries in when you clock off work every evening. Or creating the motivation to do that thing which lights you up more. 

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